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Originally posted by badbones
I know why there low Mark......Just wish I could pull that off 2 lol
Hold on there officer

Tony, I don't think that's it. M daughter lived with us in 2004 and she paid the power bill (that's my story and I'm stickin too it) we we're able to get the low income rates for one year. After that year they asked for proof of income from all the people living in the house. As far as I know the free ride was over a month later.

I've only been running a Dart Cuda pump a heater and one 250 watt MH on my tank for the past 6 months...nothing else at all so that's the main reason my bill has dropped, plus no AC, I've been burning wood for heat.

I've been saying for 1 year I'm going to empty the tank and start started today. I have all the equipment soaking in a 30 ga tub if acid water. I'll have all the rock out tomorrow and sanitize the system over the next few days. I hope to restart everything in a month or two. All I need is 100 pounds of dry Hi rock, 300 pounds of Oolitc sand and I'm set.

How's the solar thing working out? Thanks for the info. I'm still working on the wife, its going to be either that or a pool....what do ya think the kids will want

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Current Tank Info: TOTM curse
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