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For a return pump I would use an Eheim. Im using a 1250 for my 14 gallon and its perfect. You may want to step up to the 1260 with a 20 gallon especially if you plan to use a SWCD. (You said PAIR but you only need one) Its gonna create some head pressure.
Link to Eheim 1260

RO or Skimmer????
No option there.... you HAVE to use some type of RO water whether you buying it from the store or producing your own water. Personally I like the Thyphoon III but that may be a bit much for you. Ive heard good things about the RO unit from Bulk Reef Supply.

For the ATO you could use something like the JBJ or the TUNZE. But personally I like and have had good luck with the ATO from

Hope that helps.


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