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Yes those are shims.

You can either make your own shims if you have a miter saw or you can buy them from Lowes or Home Depot. The long, thin shims are the best.

To make your own with a miter saw, set the angle to 4 degrees and make your first cut. Flip the board towards the blade and make your second cut. Just keep flipping and cutting trying to keep the shims as thin as possible. I would use a soft pine 2x4 for the shims.

Once you get the tank leveled and full of water simply lift up on the shims using either your hand or a small ply bar and the should snap off easily at the base of the stand. The carpet should hide any exposed edges of the shims. If you have a piece that is still exposed, use a small chisel or flat head screwdriver and a hammer to chip away any showing peices.

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