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Let's leave aside the issue of the tang for a second (though I would also agree that the 55 is probably too small for it in the long run).

What do you plan to do with the tank? Is it going to be a reef tank? You'll probably need to upgrade your lights. Is it going to be a fish only with live rock (FOWLR) tank? Then you're probably OK with your current set up. If you want your rock to do well, you might want to upgrade your lights a bit though you certainly don't need anything really fancy (you could add a few more strip lights or you could go with buying clip on work lights from your local home improvement warehouse and pairing them with 6500K fluorescent bulbs from the same store). We'll assume that your protein skimmer is sized appropriately for your tank.

I would wait a week or two just to confirm that you're not going to have a cycle with the live rock move before adding any more inhabitants though. Keep checking for ammonia and nitrite with test kits (you DO have test kits, right?) - if they remain 0 after 2 wks, count yourself lucky and you can look at adding more stuff. Good luck with the tank!



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