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In the quest of battling awful, toxic palys. my fight is being helped by a common foe, algae. It's showing signs of keeping whats left on my glass, in check. I took all rock out months ago to bleach off all life, and its still sitting in the sun as much as possible. The rock was covered in palys which branched up the glass like a vine. Not having a definite plan, or time to tackle what was left, I kept my eye on it. All the while, I scraped algae off the glass up to the paly and made sure I didn't scrape them. Algae started to grow up the paly, covering it in brown and green. The palys look like they being over taken, and look unhealthy.

There seems to be no affect on my corals, in fact they look great. They only consist of hammers, trumpets, hairy mushrooms, and a leather. As always, I trim back the hammer all the time. It grows and grows.

50g LPS

Current Tank Info: 50G
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