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IMO, flow is very important for the Cespitularia to thrive. I put in a penductor, which changed the flow through my tank. When I woke up to go to work, the direction and velocity had changed from the penductor. Result? High flow areas were now low-flow, and low flow became high-flow!

My Cespitularia ALMOST crashed! It was deflated, laying on the bottom of the tank! It was now in a low-to-no-flow area! I took the penductor out, put my spray bar back in. The Cespitularia was back to normal in 8 hours.

Now the Blue Anthelia has been very difficult. Every frag I give away has died on people. I don't know why. I won't sell it, because of it's habit of crashing a month or so after I frag it. This has happened in my tank, and in friends' tanks.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's thriving in my tank, but when a piece splits off the mother colony (on it's own!) I glue it onto a frag plug, then in a month or so... it's dead. If I leave it alone, it's fine, and I have another colony in my tank. Go figure!

If anyone knows what might be happening here, please post away. I could use some help.

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