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I just got back from MASM. I asked everybody, every vendor, and every one I could find about these nasty critters. Here's what I was advised:

Take out as much infested rock as you can, and soak in Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure. Let it soak for about 5-10 minutes. It makes the Majano's release, and they will float off the rock to the top of your bucket. Keep soaking until they release. It won't kill the rock, or any corals attached to the rock. It may make zoa's close up a bit, but after a day, they will be fine.

For rock that can't be removed, try the Tropic Marin "Apitisia Kill" and feed their mouths, then, go back and inject them with a hypodermic needle into the base, or foot, of the anemone. A mix of "Kill Apitaisia" mixed with RO/DI H20 will help the float the dead anemone up to the top of your tank, where you can net them off.

I haven't tried these myself, yet. I plan to this weekend, and I will post my results! FWIW, several people recomended these products, who were NOT affiliated with Tropic Marin.

The Tropic Marin sales rep did give me some samples to try out. He was a great guy, who offered sound advice, with his samples.

I hope it works! I will post results, as soon as I can test the products!!!

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