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This is why I took all the coral out I could.

Originally posted by montrealreef
I just wanted to give you an update on the damage caused by a 2 inch raccoon that I had tried as a predator for majanos 3 weeks ago. It targeted a few of my SPS colonies to the point that the corals started to brown out and the the polyps retracted completely. It was removed after one week. Today before going to work, I noticed that one of those colonies started to RTN (a small 2-3 mm area at the base). By the time I got back, the volleyball sized colony had completely peeled of its skeleton. Time will show whether the rest of the colonies that he picked on will have the same fate. I just finished a whole battery of tests and all the water parameters are in check. I really think this was induced by the butterfly.

I would not recommend this fish unless you are willing to loose some of your prized specimens.

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