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Originally posted by aurora
My advice for anyone trying this method would be to remove your prized LPS before embarking on this venture. Try keeping it at a friend's tank or a separted tank. I still have an occasional majano needing kalk injection but the problem is definitely under control now.
OK, so remove any and all LPS and SPS or as much as possible.

What about clams and NICE anemones? Like RBTA's and Purple LTA's?

Would this fish go after them too? My clams are mostly easy to get out of the tank. The anemones are much more difficult. The nems do have a pair of hosting T-Percs. The Clowns might keep a Butterfly or Angel away?

My friend said she could house most of my coral and clams, but she couldn't promise she would be able to pull my anemones back out of her tank... she has too much rock.

I'm trying to consider ALL options, but I will soak some of the majano covered rock in the Tropic Marin this weekend.

Keep your friends close. Keep your anemones closer.

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