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I am planning to take a sample this weekend to the LFS just to double check the copper. I have already done that with my other test kits and they have always checked out.

All my test kits are salifert and I use a reflectometer for checking salt ever since I got burned by a hydrometer.

Salt is IO and I change 50g every 2 weeks. I run a calc reactor with ARM media, and dose Salifert Iodine and Mag, but have recently been trying ESV.

The tank is 375g with 50g sump and 75 refugium, dart return pump, 4 tunze 6100 on controller, MRC MR-3 skimmer, 3x400 MH 10K reeflux, and 4x96 PC for actinic. Its been running for 2.5yrs

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