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Just a thought where does your water supply come from? Quick story I used to work at a lfs and the place was pretty dumb and thus why I moved on. But I never knew if this was actually a problem but they fed water make up vats that they sold to customers through copper piping. I remember a whileback that someone said that copper pipes could leach if the water running through them was hot enough and I know that a quick trick that lfs around here think is a smart idea is to mix their saltwater with scalding hot water to get it to mix faster which is completely bs for a business to do but they did.

Just my .2 though

Also where did the rock come from. Alot of lfs will sell live rock that other people gave to them from customers getting out of the hobby and trying to get some money back and possibly could have came from a tank that had used a copper medicate treatment on say a predator tank or something. Keep us posted!

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