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Thanks guys,

The tank is 7 months old. I got the anem two weeks ago and it's doing really well. My tank is understocked with a deltec AP600 skimmer. And the parameters are good.

Do I really need my 400W 14k MH to be on 10 hours over this thing? Or will more feedings and less photoperiod suffice?

Anemones here in Philippines do very well, probably coz they don't travel much and are collected quite well. It's amazingly cheap too. I got my one for $10 USD. I've kept BTAs and LTAs before, and they all did good.

You can collect your own corals, but since I'm a not a diver yet, I don't. I have many suppliers and they can pretty much get me anything I want.

I will move the shrooms and zoos and tree corals soon. I don't have much. The anem is about 15" across when fully expanded I guess.

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