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Green File Algae Plese Help!!!

So every morning I have a light green dusting of film algae on my glass

I never used to have this problem till I moved from dublin to marysville.

What I changed when I moved was

From PC Light Fixture to a Two 250Watt 15K MH Lights and 4 PC 64 Watt Atinics

Also started using RO water ... NOT RO DI

I am thinking that maybe the issue is that the RO system isnt as pure as it should be... maybe need to change cartridges

also wondering about light bulbs because they were the free bulbs that came with the unit... maybe should change them?

I haven't tested yet but will later .....

The tank is a 90 Gallon.... with a 29 gallon long sump.... with cheato and a sand bed w/some rock....

Have a skimmer that consistently pulls out gunk.

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