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Originally posted by rob.holbrook
well I had my RO water tested..... and it is at

65 TDS

I have a culligan RO system with no DI add on

Tested marysville water.... it was 745 TDS

I am thinking about changing my filters and getting the di add on from buckeye field supply.

What do you guys think should the filters get changed? Culligan wants 200 dollars for the 4 filters I would need.

It would almost be cheaper to buy a new one from buckeye field supply....

As far as feeding goes I feed every other day, and rinse the food.

Walkette - my mail box was full I emptied it out.

That is a 91% rejection rate. Some membranes are rated at 90% rejection so you could very well be within the desired rates but most people have the DI following to remove the remaining ions. I would think you should add a DI cartridge or even 2 after the RO system. Be sure to get one that is refillable since it sounds like you will use lots of resin with the 65 TDS after the RO. Be sure to send the RO water to your drinking water supply, icemaler etc.. do not use the DI water for drinking.

If you have a 98% rejection membrane then it sounds like time to replace that membrane since you are at 91%. You can just get a complete system from BFS for less than the Culligan filters. You would save money by just running the RO/DI for the aquarium and not have to replace the filters in the Culligan whole house system.

Hope that helps.

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