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Vinegar in a spray bottle!! No saltwater tank should be without! Even if the vinegar gets directly in your water it will not hurt anything at all... even if you accidentally pour a little in. The vinegar also cuts through the saltwater better than anything else I've found.

So pour the windex out and fill it up with vinegar..... you may never buy another bottle of windex after you try it ;D Plus the vinegar is about the cheapest thing you will ever buy for your tank @ $1/gal +/-

400gals of various tanks in the same system.

Current Tank Info: 2 175w MH, 2 VH0 Actinics, Lots of Live Rock, tons of copepods, a Fat Mandarin Goby, Niger Trigger, Yellow Tang, Falco Hawkfish, Bi-Color Pseudo, numerous soft, SPS and LPS Corals
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