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Fascinating! Yeah, there's a lot we still don't know. I got a Sinularia sp. Palau Green Finger in 1997 befre the El Nino event which wiped out ~90% of the Sinularia colonies. WHen I heard, incorrectly I might add, the wild species was extinct I contacted Micheal Jaines in Phoenix AZ, one of the leading experts on soft corals in the world. He identifed my colonies as Sinularia foliata. Here's the kicker, it wasn't described until 2008 when Ofwegen (2008) did a survey of Palau and identified 8 new species of Sinularia. So for 11 years I had an undescribed species in my tank. I just saw a paper published on Coelastrea aspera, closed brain coral formerly called Goniastrea aspera, is being sepperated into different species.

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