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Read this before posting here again

Over the last few months, we've been watching a disturbing pattern take place in this forum.

It usually starts like this:

Someone, who amazingly enough, has coral for sale starts a "post pictures of XX" thread. Their friends post about how great the corals look and pretty soon the orders start flying in via PM. Anyone who comments negatively about prices, colors or anything else is ganged up on, and labeled "a hater."

It's been stated many times, in this forum as well as the rest of the board, that Reef Central is all about the non-commericial spreading of information to promote this hobby. It's not just a saying, it's a truth that I and the rest of the RC staff are very passionate about. Up until now, the tone of this forum has been sculpted and shaped by those hoping to turn a profit; it stops now.

The argument that we often hear when discussing commercial posts is:

"I/We are just a person(s) selling frags, I don't have a store." To clear up some misconceptions, here are some things that we consider to be commercial.

A commercial thread is one with the aim of producing a profit. No matter how insignificant this profit is, if that is the goal, then it is commercial. Even if the member ends up losing money, it is still considered commercial.

It is not commercial when a contributing member sells corals harvested from her/his own aquarium as long as they dont blatantly solicit buyers and the posts are confined to the "Selling" Forums. Harvested from his/her aquarium infers that the original colony was not purchased with intent to resell.

It is commercial when a member orders a box of corals from a wholesaler with the purpose of reselling such corals.

It is commercial when a store or online seller portrays itself as an individual member to sell corals or dry goods.

It is not commercial when a hobbyist posts items on sale regarding a certain LFS/online store....however, it is commercial if that hobbyist is in any way related to said LFS/online store.

This forum is for the discussion of LPS coral. It is for questions regarding husbandry, propagation and identification. It is not a forum for your storefront. It is not a forum to shill for your friend's,spouse's, significant other's coral business.

Posts by commercial entities "just showing beautiful colors" in this forum will no longer be tolerated. In some cases warnings will be given, in other cases posting privileges will be revoked. If you don't think we know who you are, give it a try.

If as a non-commercial participant of this forum you receive unsolicited email or PM offers to sell you corals or other livestock please forward the PM to any moderator.

The cycle ends now.


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