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why are my maximas so different

I have these two clams (and 4 others.... lol) The blue one was given to me 2 years ago and came from a small nano tank with PC lighting and fluctuating water perameters. The gold tear drop one I bought last christmas. Both sit in the same place in the sand with rocks undernearth and 250W 13K MH above. The gold one had put on some nice big growths of shell in the last year and opens fully all the time. While the blue one bairly grows or opens and has been that way since the day I got it 2 years ago. Here are two picture I have, the one that shows 4 clams (my crocea and squamosa as well) is from last year and the one that shows two is recent.

5'x3'x2' custom in-wall, LumenMax MH lighting, closed loop OM 4-Way, PM Bullet 3, PM 622 Ca Reactor, Apex, Tunzes, Reeflo Dart and Hammerhead.

Current Tank Info: 225gal mixed predatory reef
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