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I was told it was a maxima when it was given to me and I never questioned that until now but I guess I was mistaken all along. I moved the clam up into a higher area in the tank just now so that should make it happier. Now both of my croceas are in the rocks and the maxima, squamosa and two derasas are in the sand bed.

Heres my derasas when I got them back in September. Both have colored up a lot more and put on a 1/4 inch of new growth since then. I'd post a new pic but my camera died on me...

5'x3'x2' custom in-wall, LumenMax MH lighting, closed loop OM 4-Way, PM Bullet 3, PM 622 Ca Reactor, Apex, Tunzes, Reeflo Dart and Hammerhead.

Current Tank Info: 225gal mixed predatory reef
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