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Originally posted by WM15
i just got home from my grandparents for christmas eve dinner and saw that nothin was moving in the tank. so i turned the lights on and both clowns and both peppermint shrimp are dead. the clowns made me laugh everyday, i already miss them. the anemone, kenya tree, and blue stripped mushroom both look fine. pretty crappy christmas present. tho there is no way im giving up this easily.

pH: 7.5
ammonia: 0
nitrates: 0 ppm
nitrites: .25

the inside of the glass was covered in a thin layer of something white.
Sorry for your loss, terrible way to begin Christmas..

Curious why you have any measurable nitrites and no nitrates after you've cycled... it should be the other way around; you sure you didn't mix em up by mistake? Then again, this nitrite bloom could be converted ammonia from your recently deceased livestock. Are you using a reagent kit or test strips?

Also your pH is much too low for a reef tank, should be around 8.0-8.4. Did you mix your own saltwater or buy it from the LFS?

I have algae/diatom growth on the inside of my glass which only appears white when thin and in the light. As it builds it will turn brown until a snail finally waltzes over and eats it. I don't think this growth is related to the death of your fish/shrimp, though.

What's the winter weather like in your area? If your heater malfunctioned or is turned off, it's possible that your live stock just froze to death. That's all I can really think of that would prove lethal to your live stock (both fish and inverts) so quickly and undetected.

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