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i did a big water change 3 days ago and now the parameters are back to what they were before the fish croaked. the only thing is i have a big algae problem now. the pH wasnt that low before i left for my grandparents.

i think im gonna get some snails and hermits to solve my algae problem and then take it very slow after that by letting the snails and hermit crabs in the tank for a good 2-3 weeks before adding a fish. the only thing to survive the massacre was the kenya tree. i heard these were a PITA to get rid of tho once the started multiplying.

i also found a 150 watt/14k sunpod for 200 new in box and i thik im gonna get this cause i am definatly going to want a nem later on and i want it to flourish under MH's. also a good family friend is goin to give me a small clam to care for until it gets bigger and i heard they need bright lights.

also i like the aqua c remora with the mj1200 and am probably gonna get that. found this to new for a good price on ebay.

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