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DT's is a nutrient-rich food, IME can easily lead to nutrient imbalances.

I'd cut down on it's feeding significantly, and after a period of stability, very slowly increase it as you watch how well the tank handles the nutrient addition.

As mentioned above, getting PO4 readings off a test kit can often give a reading of zero despite nutrient/phosphate issues. Colorimeters give much more specific results at low levels and often lead to more clarity on the issue .... though often just following through on improved export and nutrient control solves the problem.

What kind of powerfilter? What kind of media/etc in there? Is it something that could trap detritus ala most mechanical filters?

I'd be sure to keep that clean, keep up on tank maintenance, perhaps up your w/c schedule for a bit, and keep that skimmer clean and tweaked. Drop the feedings [esp of DT's and anything other than fish-targeted] and let the algae disappear.
Then up the feedings a little, watch over 4-6 weeks to see if any nutrient issues develop. If not, then consider feeding a little more and repeat waiting/observation period.

Just my opinion, though .... and IMO, the more opinions, the better.

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