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Is this a bad plan?

OK, provided I can ever catch my single fish (flame angel) that has ich, here is what I plan to do:

I have purchased a 20 gallon long tank, 100 watt heater, hob biowheel filter, thermometer, refractometer (had to correct this from original post, sorry) , inexpensive T5 light fixture. I already have a 600 gph powerhead and an air pump.

I will fill the tank to match the temperature and salinity of my DT. I will add a media bag of bio media (like fluval biomax) instead of live rock. I'll add PVC pipe so my fish can hide.

I will then cycle the tank by adding a cocktail shrimp. Once I have a large ammonia spike, I'll ditch the shrimp, and watch my levels until they drop. I will use the biowheel and hard filter media to handle ammonia throughout the process.

Once the tank has cycled, I'll try to catch the fish and acclimate it, as well as taking this opportunity to add two more compatible very small fish from the store that I would like to have in the 29g DT.

I'll then hypo the tank as quickly as I can without stressing the fish and killing the beneficial bacteria.

Nitrates that the biowheel may generate will hopefully be taken care of by adding a healthy dose of chaeto from my sump.

I'm sure I have a bad idea in there somewhere. Can anyone help point it out?

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