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Built-in Chiller?

Maybe this isn't the spot, but...

I've been reading about Chillers (Had the Dorm Fridge idea stuck in my head and it's really good that I did some reading!).

The thing I've tripped over a number of times is using evaporation to chill, 8,000 BTU per gallon evaporated, "they" (we?) say.

So, is it safe to say that an open Algae Scrubber, say 26" long by about 12" high, running in open air, is a good chiller solution?

I seem to run up to about 80 degrees inside the house during the day, and the 90 gallon test tank I have runs itself up to a frightening 84 degrees (maybe more if I leave the lights on! ).

On the "real" 220g tank I'm setting up (with a scrubber), my sump is in the basement and the scrubber would be working in basically 65 degree air all the time. There's a 3/4 HP return pump and I'm going to run three 175W halides + some fluorescents to start, right over the water, but separated from it by... something... (working on that now).

Think the evap from the scrubber (+ 30g open scrubber sump, + 120g open sump tank) will work?

Think this'll work?

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