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I would warn about taking a type of filtration as a sole ideology. Salt water parameters are measured by basic parameters. Some would argue that not doing any water changes will cause a closed reef tank to crash hard eventually. MudShark is one of the few TOTM examples I ever saw that was excellent condition. He eventually moved away from technique. I run Skimmer and scrubber. Scrubber product is negligible.

ATS will remove inorganic nitrogen and phosphates with ease however.

As far as trace elements go, if you choose to use them, I like the idea of using only elements that are known to deplete readily. The ones that depleted readily can also lead to excess algae growth. I have tried Iron Gluconate, Potassium Iodine, and Potassium Sulfate. I would like to have evidence if ATS can deplete potassium like vascular fresh water plants do. I am currently using a little TLF Sea Elements. I am not a fan of control bleaching experiments like Zeovit personally. It looks risky and unnatural.

I have enjoyed results of scrubber over last 9 months. Cyano faded and hair has made a very slight come back. I will just use a few herbivores as I got away with just snails in last 9 months. Coloration and maintenance are easy and will keep running it.

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