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i drilled the tank myself with a diamond hole saw. i used a drill press to do it as well. make absolute sure you have something on the back of the glass your cutting so that it doesnt chip the edges as your almost through. and make sure you research your tank, call the company if needed, to find out if its tempered.

and finally, some more pictures. i added some dead rock, i bleached it because i had hydroids and hair algae on it. it will be live again shortly. i have live rock in the sump area to handle bio filtration.

i made a screen cover to avoid any fish jumping.

this is where the majority of my water circulation will come from, it rotates at about 60 degree angle. it holds a maxijet 1200 that is kinda hidden behind my tonga rock.

then here are my supplies before i assembled the screen lid. today i will spray paint it then seal it so that the metal doesnt affect my water.

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