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The weight of the water does not effect head pressure at all. The pipes and pump hold up the actual wight of the water. The only thing about the weight that effects the pump flow is the PSI at the pump output or vertical head.

The sudden increase in size or decrease in size does effect flow (normally not a very noticeable amount. The reason it does effect the flow is that the water has inertia and any change in the pipe causes the water to change direction or velocity, so it has to overcome the inertia. Just coupling 2 pipes together effects the flow rate via the same means that going to a larger pipe effects the flow.

Nano reef wanabe, before you say don't need to know any engineering you need to try the experiment out. You can blow the water up the same height, no matter what diameter the pipe is (unless you consider capillary movement ). Get a few feet of clear hose so you can see what you are doing. Put the hose in a U with the U down and see how far you can raise the water level in one side of the U. Try this with lots of different sizes of tube. You will find that the size of the tube does not make any difference.


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