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Originally posted by NanoReefWanabe
3000GPH would be about 10X turnover for his setup...not including skimmer volume sump volume refuge volume...i dont think that is too far out of the question...most i think aim for about 5 times turn over through their sumps...i bet he would be pretty close to that after everything is added up...
I run a manifold around the top of my tank with 9 outlets on it.. so you divy up 3000 x 9 outlets gets me about 300 gph out of each . see pic in the link below.

the picture is of an old manifold I made up first .. but you get the idea. bumped the diameter of it up to 1.5" piping

If I had a clue... I'd be sitting on the floor playing with it.

My vid's

Current Tank Info: 210 Gal Display, 220 Gal frag tank, 300 gal sump, Sequence Hammer head Pump, Reeflo Orca 250 Skimmer, 2x400w MH. Tit. Heaters, 200+ lbs Jakarta LR and an empty wallet :)
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