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There could be a lot more to it than just nitrate and phosphate levels. I donít want to be that guy but what are your lights/flow/other parameters? My tank is about 15 months old, full of sps and my birdsnest and montipora colonies all grow very well. A lot of acros are taking their time growing but are coloring up nicely I noticed. The largest acro colony is about 9Ē. My phosphate and nitrate tend to stay around 0.1 and 20 but I focus on consistent water changes and dosing to keep my parameters as stable as possible. Personally I have seen tanks with higher nitrate and phosphate levels that keep sps well and so far Iíve had good success with it. Iíve heard that higher levels can color up corals but it can also lead to algae outbreaks.

How many sps pieces have you tried? Acros can be picky but you can start out with easier acros like a green slimer. Caps and branching montis as well as birdsnest donít need quite as consistent parameters as acros so it might be a good idea to try some of those if you havenít yet already.

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