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Stock tank reef build

So after having to place my reef in a stock tank while I move I'm loving the view and space! The corals seem a lot happier in the 150g stock tank!As soon as I put my yellow tang in he started doing laps. It was awesome to see. I want to start planning a build to house the corals and fish in this 150g stock tank permanently . I plan to build a stand for this stock tank and enclose it with wood to make it more presentable. I'm stuck though as far as filtration is concerned. I am thinking of having a 100g stock tank as filter etc. I Also have a trigger systems 39.
Here's the issue I thought about with the 39 Sump, If I have it below the stock tank and the pump turns off there will not be enough room for it to hold the 150g of water based on how low the current bulkhead is placed causing Niagra falls in my Home[emoji27][emoji15][emoji305][emoji226][emoji225](stock).

So I think using the 100g rubber maid as a Sump may be better but how would I go about this have it above the display150 and have a pump shoot it up and return back to the tank through the 100g bulkhead with proper plumbing?

All ideas are welcome. I plan to build a sturdy yet displayable stand for this build based on how I do this

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