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Today after a few weeks without any real progress I went and seen a cabinet maker about having some cabinetry cut for the cladding of the stand and canopy. Everything there went well and for the exterior cladding I am only looking at 2.5 panels and they will cut and trim all the pieces for me, and also add some rebate holes in it for the magnets - I just need t find some that are suitable now.

I ended up getting the inside shell of the canopy built this afternoon, still need to add in some rails so that i can mount the 2 Radions onto. While I was at the hardware store, I bought some clamps as well, do not know how I have worked without them before. They made the construction so much easier.

overall very happy with how it is turning out, wish it could have been a little shorter but for the height the Radions get mounted this was where I was at.

The front on picture the canopy looks as though it is sagging - this will be fixed once the rest of the cabinetry is added as it will be an extra 16mm thickness. I will probably also add in some more cross section supports inside aswell though just in case

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