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I didn't realise that I've never actually posted an update since I started adding any livestock.

tank currently in need of a water change and a clean but currently is looking like this. The green montipora was growing like crazy over the past few months but has lost a fair bit of its colour

Chiller box outside, I have abandoned the original plans. the box that I had first though about putting the chiller into was not waterproof enough. I've come up with a solution to get the chiller outside still and it also allows me to have storage for all the fish gear as well as water change drums to get them out of my garage.

I did a rough sketchup drawing of what I'm hoping the inside of the shed will end up looking like. almost there, just need to do the final little bit of plumbing and stand the shed up outside. hopefully in the next few weeks the shed will be finished and everything will be moved out to there.

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