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Unhappy I Need Clownfish Help!!!

Here is my tank has a lot of flow, like 20X or so. I used to have a lot of triggers in my 220 so i had water quality issues, but since I got more flow, my water has been great. I dumped the triggers and got onto the reef fish side.

In november, I bought 2 true percs. They always were up in the top corner of my tank all the time behind the pumps but they WERE eating and stuff. I thought they just hid up there because they werent used to the tank yet. Well, tonight, I saw one of my clowns sucked into the side of my Koralia. These clowns arent huge, but I thought they could hold their own.

So now I have one true perc left. What do I do? Do i get a breeder net to house him in for a while? Or do I just let him go? Can they really not help the flow? Please let me know what you think.


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