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Purchased my. Hippo Tang about 4 weeks ago. Did not quarantine. He started showing signs of black spot. Flatworm about 2 weeks ago. Did not affect him eating or movement also noticed my clownfish being a little less happy. Decided to try to fight the parasites. Dosed Praziquantel(just 6.5 ML) a week ago left in tank 72 hours. Did a 25% water change. Turned skimmer back on and added carbon. Did not seem to make a big improvement. Repeated on Wednesday cause the worms seemed to increase in the Tang although clownfish stopped acting sluggish and no longer showed spots. This time I dosed 10 ML. Left in tank 3 days and yesterday did another water change. Ended up doing about 20% cause I used some of my saltwater to clean my Algae Reactor. Off point I have to confirm that the reactors can hold tons of pods. Well after change the tang is spot free from what I can see. Will still do one final dose this week. The SPS corals wee totally fine with the dosing. My Bi-Color Hammer Ciral seemed to be slightly irritated. Be careful with dosage if you have Wrasses. When I did the first dose my 6-line acted like he was having shaking issues but after about 20 minutes he seemed fine. Did not have a chance to view him after second dose as I did it in the morning and had to go to work. Also keep oxygen high cause the Praziquantel doe the carbon/bacteria does suck up lots of oxygen.

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