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Cheap? how can an aquarium be cheap, Glass is glass, neither are Low iron, one is thicker, but both could last as long.

I don't see the reason to pay 54% more to get a slightly safer tank that will weight more.

Temp 80F, PH 8.5-8.0, Alk 6.8-7.2, Ca 430, Mg 1700, NO3 0-0.25, PO4 0.04, 34.4 PPT
Lights @ 100% all others, 35% White

Current Tank Info: 60g Cube, 120lbs live rocks, Hydra52 2x120W, 2 MP40+ 1 MP10 @ 70%, Phosban 550 GFO+Carbon, 200W Heater, SWC Skimmer, Kalk ATO, 150 gpd RODI
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