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Tunze 5017 ATO pump problem

I recently bought the Tunze 5017 auto top off system. It was very easy to install. And when I turned it on it immediately started working as intended. The sensor detected low water level and turned on the pump. The pump went BRRRRRRRRR!! But didn't pump any water. I had to pull about 20 times on the line, so the pump danced in the fresh water tank until it suddenly took water and started pumping. After that it was able to start and take water on its own. But I have to do this whenever I replace the almost empty fresh water tank for a new full one. Each time the pump comes above water an air bubble forms. Then I have to help it get started the first time again. After which it can operate on its own again.

This doesn't give me much trust, but for me it's ok. I'm around the house, when it's making noise and stuck moving an air bubble around I can act upon it. But in a few weeks I'm going on a holiday and my holiday help should be able to exchange water cans and forget about it. This is going to go wrong!

What can I do resolve this?

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