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When feeding cyclopeze I had the most succes with thawing it first in a little jar in my fridge. I would put the cyclopeze in some tank water and let it thaw for several hours. I would then drain out the water by pouring it all through a metal filter. I would then take the drained cyclopeze and put it back into the jar but now with fresh water. Turn off the pump and your protein skimmer. I then try to target feed the corals with a turkey baster and the fish eat all the excess.
Also I soak any frozen food in garlic and selcon while it is thawing (part of the reason I drain to make sure all toxins/preservatives are out of the water and you are not pouring that in the tank.), but the garlic make the fish go nuts and they will eat like mad men. I usually leave pumps and skimmers off for an hour or so after I feed so everything in the tank has a fair chance at the cyclopeze.
My two cents.

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