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New to the hobby, seeks advice and buying 55g and equipment

Hi guys, Im completely new to the SW aquarium world and have been trying to find out more about what I'm getting myself into money and maintenance wise... this site has helped me A LOT! Everything i could possibly want to know is here and its all thanks to everyone here sharing their knowledge. Im still doing some research on the hobby and also trying to convince my girlfriend that spending all this money is not a bad idea LOL!
I have an idea of the equipment I'll need but don't know for sure, if I manage to be convincing enough with my g/f I will also be looking for deals on equipment since I don't want to spend the $2000+ I was quoted at Amazing Reefs and Exotic Aquariums for the equipment alone, not to mention the livestock. Paying a mortgage, car and for school is more than enough for me being 21 y/o lol.

If anyone has a 55g setup they wanna part with I'm willing to check it out when I can manage an OK from the woman heh. Any help on a good spot to buy the LR and livestock would also be appreciated.

BTW, is TB Saltwater worth buying? or is it overpriced? (I'm sorry if me asking if its over priced is offensive... i just really dont know hehe)

Thanks alot for the crazy amounts of info you guys have contributed to the forums here. This is my one stop shop for learning about reef tanks now


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