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One thing I will say is you might want to rethink the 55g idea. For a little more$$ you can get a 75g or even a 90g and you will be much happier with the extra room! A lot of people, including myself, started with 55g and outgrow it VERY QUICK!! Just one thing to think about! Lighting is one thing you dont want to go cheap with since its pretty much the life of the reef. For a filter an easy way to go is just a tank(sump) with a filtersock holder or if you want to get fancy, get some pieces of glass cut and silicone them in!

Also one thing I will say about TB Saltwater LR is that its very, the best way to describe it is square. Not a lot of shapes and holes. Look around, find a good LFS and stick to it!! You will learn who knows what they are doing and who doesnt quick!!! Good luck and keep us posted!!

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