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No problem Laz, as far as much of the equipment goes it really depends on what you want to keep in the tank.

Just keep in mind that down the road you probably will want to change the way the tankis setup or change the livestock you keep. So keep this in mind and by equipment that is more flexible in that manner.

In my opinion you should get a good protein skimmer. I really like good protein skimmers LOL. I use a MRC MR2 on my 90G SPS tank.
It runs really well. If you wanted you could get an MR1 which is the model down. The reason I like this skimmer is the flexibility it offers, you can upgrad many components as your tank and obsession grow LOL.

I started out with Power compacts on my 55 and then went to metal halides. You can get a nice t5 retrofit setup for a reasonable price from places like

Just try to plan on what you want to keep in the tank.

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