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i would highly recommend the biggest tank you could afford!!! you WILL outgrow your tank! I turn 21 in 2 weeks so I know how ya feel. I would recommend buying the right equipment the first time. it'll save you a lot of money vs buying cheap stuff...realizing why it was soo cheap...and then buying the expensive stuff! I bought all the cheap stuff. been there done that. I really wanted to set this up, but ended up going a diff route. 75 display. 55 sump(only DSB,liverock, and pump return section) and then a separate 29 fuge(display to keep seahorses and pipefish) the huge sump with tons of liverock will give you awesome stability and filtration for the tank. You'll end up with about 130-140 gallons of water(more the better). buy a good skimmer. good return pump. good powerheads. good lights. its not hard to find all these used, buy you have to be patient and jump on them asap when they show up! I live all the way up in weston, but if you've got any questions let me know.

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