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I sent this to Laz in PM, but figured it might help some other people as well:


With a fish list like that, you're going to need a big tank. I've got a 120g tank, 4'x2'x2' with a 29g sump. Your equipment will depend on the size tank you want to go with.

I will suggest 1-2, maybe even 3 medium to large size fish (tangs, full size angels, 1 trigger) in a size like 120, so maybe 60 gallons per medium sized fish + 1 medium sized fish per 60 gallons more than 60 (i.e. 60g - 1 fish, 120g 1-2 large fish, 180 large 3-4) ESPECIALLY if you're ever considering doing coral.

Anemones are fine, but DO NOT BUY THE FOLLOWING:

Glass anemones

Anemones also are great for reef tanks, HOWEVER they WILL at some point "go for a walk" where they literally use their foot and move around the tank. in the process of moving, they will sting and kill every coral they touch. Just keep it in mind. They also NEED a well established tank (running in it's current location for AT LEAST 3-6 months).

Do not put damsels in your tank, with the exception of Blue Green Chromis or clowns (both are in the family of damsels, but have MUCH less the attitude of other damsels). Also BG chromis are great because they school in the front of the tank all day long. It's really cool and actually makes your other fish feel more comfortable.

Smaller Dwarf family of angels (Centrygope) angels are okay for a reef, but keep in mind ALL angels are prone to nipping or eating corals and especially clams.

Clams need LOTS of light (MH or T5 with individual reflectors) and stable parameters.

Sponges unfortunately really don't have much room in the Reef Tank hobby as they require low light conditions, which by design in a reef tank does/should not exist except for in the sump.

I think you mentioned using TBS rock for your tank setup, and I would have to say that it's great and comes with a TON of live stuff on it (most good, some bad though that you'll have to watch for). Also great rock to get is any of the pacific rock from Dr. Mac or I've heard that the liveaquaria rock are good as well.

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