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I was thinking of a 75g (if its not that much more than the 55g)
heh i just found a 75 gal tank and stand for $100 bucks. patiance rewards big time :P

welcome to reefcentral too btw. buying used is prolly the best way to go when starting out. you just have to be careful that your getting something that will last you awhile, and not break on you after only a month of use. im sure no one here would do that but outside of this fourm you might want to watch out for dishonest people trying to make a quick buck. if you have any questions about any particular equpiment ask here first, becuase most likely someone here has had experieince with it and can tell you if its worth it or not. you'll need to decide what you want to achive with your tank, say a SPS, LPS, mix reef, FOWLR, Preditor/aggressive tank, ect, ect. once you decide on what you want, then you can look for equpiment. different setups will require differnt things. FOWLR and aggressive tanks are prolly the cheapest when it comes to setup, but are not as colorful and exciting (ususaly). IE you wont need MH's, calcium reactors, kalkwrassers, ect. If you do decide to go reef you will eventualy need/want all of these things.

so when you decide what you want just let us know and we will try our best to point you in the right direction of what you need

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