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Yes I still have that sponge.Thanks for reminding me ! I think it is time to clean it. I do notice my nitrates will go up if it gets too dirty but I believe it keeps the pump from getting gunked up also on a few of occasions I have found live fish back there and if it were not for the sponge i never would have found them if they swam into the center chamber where the LR rubble is.(Wow,was that a run on sentence?)

About the skimmer, I do have one on my 55g tank and i try to set it so the bubble just barely reach the bottom of the riser tube. As the proteins/impurities build the foam will rise over the tube. when my skimmer is working properly the skimmate is really dark and smelly and taste awful (just kidding about the taste)

It took a few weeks for my skimmer to break in for me to get used to tweaking it just right!

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