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Originally posted by crrichey
Will it fit in the second chamber of the Biocube 8? I'm talking everything removed including the top tray, bioballs, and the lower tray.
Bump to that.

I am about to setup a 8 gallon as well.

26 gallon bowfront sps: 10 gal sump/fuge w/ MAG 5 return on SQWD, SEIO 820, 2 MJ900s and MJ600 on wavetimer, CPR HOB skimmer, Aquamedic 250W 15K MH, URI 18" VHO x2

Current Tank Info: 110 Afr Cichlid, 45 Planted, 26 Reef, 20L turtle, 29 Planted, 8 Biocube (in the works)
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