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Just another Bio Cube14 Thread /w Mangrove Sump (Pics)

Ok, I have finally set up my 14g Bio Cube and put sand/water in it. Everything so far on the Bio Cube is original with no mods to void the warranty.

My plan is to add a sump that I can add mangroves to. The way I went about doing it is to go buy a trashcan with a crate to set it on so that it would be above the Bio Cube. I plan on Having a pump send water to the sump and let gravity send the water back to the last chamber in the Cube.

I used Quick Connects for the hose (no leaks so far!). The Input hose is higher than the return hose so that the pressure difference should force the water back down into the Bio Cube faster than the pump (bought from walmart) can send it to the sump.

I have come across a problem of the return sucking bubbles, I have a temporary fix untill I can find a couple of 3/8 in threaded elbows.

More to come later, After I order the Mangroves and live rock. I am thinking of going with TBS live rock. Not sure what to put in the tank as far as stocking goes. I was thinking of putting a dwarf Lionfish in it but dunno if it would possibly get to big.

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Current Tank Info: JBJ 30RL
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