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Wow. Thanks everybody for the compliments!

The tank will be a mixed reef.The stock list will look something like this:

Fish: true perculas(onyx,whatever), PJ and Bangaii cardinals, lawn mower blenny, yellow watchman goby, Randalls shrimp goby, garden eel, pipefish, sea horse, yellow tang and a sml. naso.

(note to the tang police. This is a 4'x2' tub, which I think will be fine for a while. If anything, there is a 600 gallon tank, 20 ft. away. So ha. )

Other wants- Clams, anemone, electric flame scallop, oyster, sexy and anemone shrimp, pink cucumber, tunicates, Xmas tree worm rock(porites), mangroves and starfish.

These are all the things she pointed out while looking through a couple fish books.

Skimmer? We don't need no freakin skimmer!

You bet your badazz thats an All Glass sticker! Can't be all serious....

It wasn't that expensive to build or plumb(tub, stand and plumbing-$200ish). Just took time, especially with the router.

I love the look of the black pipe too! Thanks!

The bottom lip of the tub sits on a 2x4 perimeter stand with 2- 2x4 joyces. I took 2- 2x6 frames(1 bigger than the next) to build up and out to the rim of the tub. The bottom 2x6 frame is even supported by the 1x4 "trimming" that sits on the 2x4 bottom "trim". Definite over-kill. The stand itself probably weighs 250-300+ pounds.

The curved pipe at the end of the surge is a vent. They used to continuously siphon with the amount of flow that I put through my surges(lots). That vent and the one up in the surge bin helps me slam the flow through. The pump is a Hyperflow 32. Its turned down right now, but still have a little tweeking to do. Oh, that vent doesn't have to curve up like that. The only black fittings that I had were 1/2" radiused 90s. Gotta keep the looks.

Yes, the extra plumbing is to avoid micro-bubbles. That still needs to be tweeked as well. Little tank+big pump=needs to be tuned.

Jen and I thank you once again for ALL of your compliments! This was an interesting build that I wanted to share. I'm glad you like it. Thanks again.

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