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following still available

frogspawn and hammer pictured above 50 each
orange digitat 35.00
10 polyp BRIGHT Green mushrooms 45
Orange mushrooms w/ fire & ice zoo's 45
samll rock of 10 Blue/purple mushrooms 35
11/12 green/orange ricordia rock 70
loose 4-5 green/purple yumas,2 green/orange rics, purple ric, orange yumas, green tip yuma, orange/purple ric, blueish ric. 10 each
small rock 15 or so green button polyps 5.00
small piece of about 15-20 multi colored zoo's 15
orange capricornis monti 3"+ across 20
green tipped pinkish acro 25
10 or so merletti blasto's 20
4head candy cane 15
125 lbs of live rock 3.00 lb
1 diamond goby 30
1 manderin 15
1 banded sea star 5
1 green bristle star FREE to whomever wants it since i did not pay for it

i'm sure there is something i am forgetting

as of right now the only equipment that is sold is the ATO

Rogger, Please give me a call when you have a chance assuming you read this

Thanks, gotta go

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