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updated list

following LIVESTOCK still available:

frogspawn pictured above 50

orange digitata 35.00

10 polyp HUGE BRIGHT Green mushrooms on 1 rock 45

about 15 Orange mushrooms w/ fire & ice zoo's 45

samll rock of 10 Blue/purple mushrooms 35

11/12 green/orange ricordia rock 70

individual (all are attached to rocks): 2 green/purple yumas,1 purple ric,2 orange yuma, 1 green tip yuma, 1 orange/purple ric, 1 blueish ric. 10 each

small rock 15 or so green button polyps 5.00

green tipped pinkish acro 25

10 or so merletti blasto's 20

4head candy cane 15

125 lbs of live rock 3.00 lb

1 manderin 15

1 banded sea star 5

1 green bristle star FREE to whomever wants it since i did not pay for it

Equipment That is still available:

Tank 110gal perfecto custom drilled and stand 275.00

Metal Halide 2 X250W Pendants W/ Bluewave 7 ballast $325.00 (Bulbs have about 5 months on them(( new retails over $700.00))

Sunpaq PC 2 X 65w $50.00 each ( i have a total of 4 ballast 2 bulbs per ballast) all 4 for $175.00 (Bulbs are only used 2 hours each day for about 5 months )

glass Refuge 38gal 36X12X21H $100.00 it has 2 sections, 1 12x12 and another 12x16 section, 3 baffles NO BUBBLES AT ALL $100.00

Little Giant 1100 GPH $50.00 (i dont know the model number i will get it though)

Refuge Light $30.00

digital timers $15.00 each, i have 3

6 120mm Cooling fans with power supply $60.00

loc-lines $40.00 for all, i have a lot

Iwaki pump with brute can PVC plumbing w valve to connect a hose and pump SW directly to the display tank(EXCELLENT mixing and aeration for making your own SW) $100.00

everything listed above is 6 months to 1 year old

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