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Thanks to all who have posted postive feedback, i hope all of the corals that have found new homes are all doing well?

folks i must move this stuff SOON, so if anyone is seriously interested please contact me

following LIVESTOCK still available:

frogspawn pictured above 50

orange digitata 35.00

about 15 Orange mushrooms w/ fire & ice zoo's 45

samll rock of 10 Blue/purple mushrooms 25

11/12 green/orange ricordia rock 70

individual (all are attached to rocks): ,1 purple ric, 1 blueish ric. 10 each

small rock 15 or so green button polyps 5.00

green tipped pinkish acro 25

125 lbs of live rock 3.00 lb

1 manderin 15

1 banded sea star 5

1 green bristle star FREE to whomever wants it since i did not pay for it

Equipment That is still available:

Tank 110gal perfecto custom drilled and stand 275.00

Metal Halide 2 X250W Pendants W/ Bluewave 7 ballast $325.00 (Bulbs have about 5 months on them(( new retails over $700.00))

Sunpaq PC 2 X 65w $50.00 each ( i have a total of 4 ballast 2 bulbs per ballast) all 4 for $175.00 (Bulbs are only used 2 hours each day for about 5 months )

glass Refuge 38gal 36X12X21H $100.00 it has 2 sections, 1 12x12 and another 12x16 section, 3 baffles NO BUBBLES AT ALL $100.00

Little Giant 1100 GPH $50.00 (i dont know the model number i will get it though)

Refuge Light $30.00

digital timers $15.00 each, i have 3

6 120mm Cooling fans with power supply $60.00

loc-lines $40.00 for all, i have a lot

Iwaki pump with brute can PVC plumbing w valve to connect a hose and pump SW directly to the display tank(EXCELLENT mixing and aeration for making your own SW) $100.00

everything listed above is 6 months to 1 year old

if anyone has any questions you are welcome to call me anytime

Thanks again
Emilio 786-419-9194

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